“Perish that lover who discerneth between the pleasant and the poisonous in his love for his Beloved!”
(Baha’u’llah, PM, VIII)
Dear All,This final leg of my 2012-2013 Trip completes the birthing of the New Cycle of the 6th Sun.

Many of us have therefore experienced the full radiance of the effulgencies of the Sun of Reality and the new shifting away from the previous former world-cycles of father and mother to this new cycle of the Beloved of Hearts! The Beloved of All the Worlds–the unknown and inscrutable essence beyond essences–and the nurturing sustenance of the sacred inner-relationship of the individual with the Divine Center coupled with a perfect blending of American styled International Universal world culture tempered with Baha’i Attitude and the righteousness of ecstatic spiritual visionary experience is the new hallmark quality of the diamond vehicle soul–firm in the Covenant, on fire with the love of God, and in sync with the “equilibrium” that “hath been upset through the vibrating influence of this most great, this new World Order.” (Proc. Baha’u’llah, p. 122).These powerful and indescribable forces unleashed through the body, minds, hearts, and souls of these believers, firm in the Covenant, who have withstood the test of time (I survived the Mayan Apocalypse and all I got was this t-shirt) is the seed germ–the leaven that leaveneth the whole lump–of a brand new universal culture, universal society, and universal family of man. The Diversity in our community from climate to climate, from personality to personality, from region to region is extreme to say the least. Yet the unifying power of the love of God united with the knowledge of God has proved this to be the indissoluble link–and the firm handle, and the cord stretched betwixt heaven and earth! This is true of all members in good standing of every walk, every persuasion, and every ilk.

Now all the diversity of the world of humanity may be invited to the banquet hall of God–for this diversity in its completeness and universality is comprised within this Universal Body of the  International Community of the Covenant at this time. This brief 11 years period from 2001 until 2012 is the value of Ya (y= 10 and a= 1) in the cry Ya Mustaghath. Ya means “O thou!” Mustaghath values is 2001. 2001 plus 11 is 2012.

In any case as the community whose watchword is “Unity in Diversity” we have our work cut out from us here on Turtle Island (and elsewhere). Turtle Island is another name for this land that is the melting pot of the world–I use this (amongst a diversity of meanings) in reference to the turtle that won the race–a slow relaxed, steadfast pace. In any case America is cleaning up its act. The Mayan prophecy gives a date and a place. That location like that of the Mayan–The Americas. The newly formed United States National Council (USNC) is no exception–and represents the clean-up act from the Baha’i point of view in this land. Will it be successful? I for one cannot say–but the experiment goes forward. Will we lose some of our dearly beloved members, friends, and colleagues in this process? Without a doubt–for those are the eternal mysterious ways of God (See Baha’u’llah’s Iqan for more). Our emotion and response: “Say all are created by God! All are His servants! All abide by His bidding!”

How is it I am still here–when there but for the Grace of God go I?

“Perish that lover who discerneth between the pleasant and the poisonous in his love for his Beloved!” (PM, VIII)
I think of Baha’u’llah. I think of Baha’u’llah.more to come…

your servant,

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